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Best Jazz Clubs Blog: More than 10 000 THANKS !

In Few written notes on February 17, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Dear friends,

It my pleasure to thank you for your visits on my blog. More than 10 000 views, that’s GREAT ! That also means that you are looking for quality, for sustainable jazz and for warm atmospheres ! You know that these points are my criteria to add a new jazz club on the lists. In my opinion, NOT paying jazz musicians or vocalists is a nonsense ! They are the essence of jazz clubs, they prove they studied and trained hard to offer the best of themselves ! Felling like home in a jazz club, we all have already had such an experience of being soooo well listening to a fantastic program !

BUT (because there is always a but) some countries are not in our lists ! Do not hesitate to give your feedback from jazz clubs discovered during your business travels or your holidays ! Do not hesitate to promote a fantastic club which needs to be discovered ! So, people from AFRICA, let us know where you listen to jazz, people from ASIA and OCEANIA, let us enjoy the possibility of finding a great jazz place in your countries ! Your comments are so important ! I know that all around the world you are searching information about jazz clubs, I see so many nationalities looking at the blog… Don’t be afraid… Be active and share ūüôā

Truly yours !


Visit our Jazz blog and share your best addresses !

In Few written notes on May 15, 2012 at 10:29 am

United States,¬†Belgium,¬†France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Romania, Spain, Morocco, Switzerland,¬†Bosnia and Herzegovina,¬†Indonesia,¬†Malaysia, Norway, Australia, Turkey, Cyprus, China, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Austria, India, Luxembourg,¬†Russian Federation, Ireland, Republic of Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Thailand, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Jamaica, Greece, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Sweden,¬†Colombia,¬†Honduras, Ecuador, Japan, South Africa,¬†Dominican Republic, Kenya, Hungary, Denmark,¬†Cayman Islands,¬†Kuwait…

These are the countries from where people follow our blog ! May I ask you, dear visitor or follower, to contribute to the new adds on our lists of the Best Jazz Clubs in the World ? They can be small, hidden, well known or famous, ¬†musicians are fantastic, well treated, the atmosphere is unforgettable… Tell us !!! ¬†Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about this blog… Share with us your best addresses ! For those who don’t want to appear on the pages in reply, you can send me a personal message ! Click on the email message icon at the bottom of each post and I’ll will receive your impressions…

The world is not only ruled by money and crisis, it offers also beautiful moments of friendship and artistic creation. If you wish to adopt this positive attitude, welcome ūüôā !

Enjoy your day,

Céline D.