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Meeting great Jazzmen in the tramway…

In jazz, Jazz Clubs on June 19, 2013 at 10:01 am

Dear friends,

You have certainly met people in the street, in the bus, in the metro… You don’t know who they are but at a certain moment you begin to talk. Recognizing musicians is very easy because of their instruments. That’s what happened few days ago.

Making his European debut, guitarist Nadav Peled joins forces with fellow Israeli expat, saxophonist Maayan Smith for a hard swinging straight ahead project. These two promising young Israeli expat musicians are steadily making a name for themselves in their respective scenes. Maayan in Brussels and Nadav in The Big Apple.

I know that they play with some of the best rhythm section players on the Belgian scene because two days ago, I met a friend, Wim Eggermont,  who is a fantastic drummer, and he told me that he was playing with them.

Tonight, concert and jam session in Le Chat-Pitre at 8:30 pm (Rue Du Tabellion 1, 1050 Brussels). Do not miss it !

Here some other dates:

21.6 – Sounds 22:00 (Rue de la Tulipe 28  1050 Ixelles)
23.6 – De Hopper 16:00 (Leopold de Waelstraat 2, 2000, Antwerpen)

To give you the “taste” of the quality of their music :
“Nadav Peled is one of the very finest young guitarists playing jazz I have heard in a long time.
He has it all: sound, concept, expressiveness, technical mastery and great ears. He has a great
foundation in the history of jazz and the tools needed to go forward. He is poised to make a
great contribution to jazz guitar and to jazz music!”
Peter Bernstein



Fall 2012: Jazz Vocalists class in New York City

In jazz on June 21, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Dear friends,

LushLives: Jazz Vocalists Wed. Oct 3 – Nov 21, 2012 

Lush Lives, an educational and performance center located in New York City where singers (professionals, amateurs, and anyone who ever had a fantasy of being a singer) can come together to learn, network, and perform in any style of contemporary music.

In a structured curriculum that includes classes, workshops, and master classes with name performers, courses on the Business of Music and using social media plus performance and recording opportunities, singers will learn in a supportive environment from active professionals in various genres of the music industry.

From technique to performance skills; sight-singing to scatting; preparing for the gig to leading the band in performance; how to get the gig to tour management and more, this is a center dedicated to singers learning and living their dream. 

New York Streets photographer : Adam Garelick

In Jazz Photographer on April 3, 2012 at 8:34 am

If you need for the cover of your album an incredible picture of New York, Adam is the right person !

He works on landscapes and New York streets :

But also on New York Street portraits :

Although one can define New York by countless metrics, Adam believes its people are the ultimate testament to the city’s vibrance, diversity and character.  This project is an effort to document some of those people.