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Some festivals in Belgium

In Festivals on July 1, 2014 at 8:21 am

Dear friends,

Here comes the sun and… Jazz Festivals. I propose you to discover some of them in Belgium:

  • Comblain Jazz Festival (4th-6th of July 2014)

  • Fam’ and Jazz : Marche-en-Famenne (5th of July 2014)

  • Gent Jazz Festival ( 10th-19th of July 2014)

  • Brosella Jazz Festival (12th-13th of July 2014)

  • Rossignol-Tintigny : Gaume Jazz Festival (8th-10th of August 2014)

  • Jazz Middelheim : Antwerp (14th-17th of August 2014)


I wish you hours of musical pleasure and beautiful discoveries!



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The strange sounds of Sophie Tassignon and Peter Van Huffel

In Artist of the Month, Few written notes, Jazz Clubs, Jazz Singers of the month on February 13, 2014 at 10:44 am

Dear friends,

For those who really like music without borders, in danger, deconstructed and recomposed to try some new sounds, please become fan of Sophie Tassignon and Peter Van Huffel. Sophie is well known for her impressive solos and improvisations that break the codes.

Their new CD “House of Mirrors” is composed by <<a myriad of tones and timbres, multiplied, fragmented, and re-sequenced like some devil’s DNA. Peter Van Huffel and Sophie Tassignon’s creations move through the nexus of centuries-old traditions and spur-of-the-moment impulse.  Within, there’s jazz, there’s the 20th century chamber music of Schoenberg and Webern, and the contrapuntal free improv of Bailey, Parker, and von Schlippenbach. The old stones in this garden speak of long-lost Eastern European folk tunes, the Weimar cabaret of Weill and Brecht, and of the tales of a forest canopy and the burrowing creatures beneath>>- Dave Wayne (Santa Fe, NM, USA)


This new CD is the result of the art of great musicians:

Sophie Tassignon (B) – voice
Peter Van Huffel (CAN) – clarinet, alto & soprano saxophones

Julie Sassoon (UK) – piano
Miles Perkin (CAN) – bass

Have a look at this link on YouTube but be prepared to hear something new :-). 

Enjoy and discover,


P.S.: If you travel and stop in Brussels on March 13, you will have the immense pleasure to listen to Sophie and her friend Suzanne singing on folk atmosphere. They will be at the Music village presenting “Folk Tassignon“.


Breaking news : album release of Sarah Letor on May 13th 2013 and private showcase on May 17th 2013 !!

In Artist of the Month, jazz, Jazz Singers of the month on May 4, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Dear friends,

If some jazz tunes/songs are simply perfect, I have to share them with you ! I have had the pleasure to see a concert of Sarah Letor, what a revelation ! This Belgian artist proposes us plenty of jazz songs in different styles. Two of them are “Again” and “Sitting on the white cloud”. These little precious songs should certainly become the next jazz standards and should be an excellent music for a fragrance or be used for marketing. Beside both of them, you can find the bluesy/soul “Your home” or  a New Orleans style with “Whenever”.

This second album is an incredible source of inspiration. Sarah looks like a Betty Boop, big smile, generous, happy and hard worker.

Listen and enjoy !




The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

In Few written notes, jazz, Jazz Clubs on April 22, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Dear friends,

Imagine you have a moment just for you, some precious hours to do what you want. Imagine that a place offers you the possibility to discover History and Music. Imagine you have the possibility to discover over 100 hours of the greatest jazz ever played  being discovered for the first time after 60 years.

Then go to the National Jazz Museum in Harlem !

The fourth-floor space on East 126th Street does not look anything like a museum. Flourescent-lighted and largely bare, the room appears to be an office but for a weathered grand piano that sits in the middle of the floor and a few faded photographs that adorn the walls. But the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, one of the city’s lesser-known cultural lights, has never really been about its artifacts. It has always been about the music: the improvisational genius of Charlie Parker, the percussive piano of Thelonious Monk, the elegant stylings of Duke Ellington. The music draws some 7,500 people to the building each year for free programming like Jazz for Curious Listeners, which explores the history of jazz or Harlem Speaks, an interview series with musicians, artists, writers and community leaders.

Enjoy !




Jazz Club in Helsinki (Finland): Happy Jazz Club Storyville

In Jazz Clubs on March 20, 2013 at 10:16 pm

Dear friends,

What a pleasure I had last week to discover this Jazz Club in Helsinki. On a corner, you get in, then go downstairs and surprise ! Live jazz from 10 pm until…… and in front of the band, a dance floor waits for your steps. After looking at the menu (made as a vinyl record sleeve) I took a diner which was a mix between Italian-Creole-Cajun food. Excellent. You know that this blog wants to promote jazz clubs where you feel like home. This place is one of them ! For sure ! People who are working in this club are very kind and welcome you as they know you for years. The music manager is a musician and the bands are chosen following a high sense of quality and entertainment.

The site of Happy Jazz Storyville is in Finnish but if you want to know the program, do not hesitate to ask !

It is one of my warmest recommendations of the year ! You only have to travel to Finland 🙂 !



A book about the history of a jazz club: The Jazz Corner

In Jazz Book on February 23, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Dear friends,

A new book about jazz is always a fantastic thing BUT a new book about the history of a jazz club is so special that I have to share with you  this big news !!!

The Jazz Corner is a club situated in South Carolina at Hilton Head Island. This club follows the patterns of the famous jazz history but it is also a work in progress !

Including 2 CD (Cheek to cheek, Amazing Grace, Route 66, A Foggy Day, Hot Hot Hot……..), this book offers as first chapter an introduction to Jazz History, then the Battle of Swing and a chronology of Jazz.

The author presents what is so important for me : the musicians ! The first part describes the Bandleaders, then the sidemen, the master musicians and the future master musicians.

To end this book, a very surprising section: the Cuisine :-). The Jazz Corner is also a place where you can eat and the best recipes will have no secrets for you. Appetizers like Crab Cakes, The Entrées like Spiced Peach Butter Sauce, the Desserts with the famous Carrot Cake or the Crème Brûlée  will help you to combine great food moments and the pleasure of listening the CD’s. You maybe know that I’m French and most of the recipes come from the French tradition but with little variations hmmmm :-).

I received it as a present and if I was rich, it would be my pleasure to offer it to you, but… I’m only rich in jazz news and in big smiles.

You can buy it via amazon.

Enjoy !


The Jazz Corner Story
by Martin McFie

From Lydia Inglett Publishing