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Incredible Trumpet Player : Andre Heuvelman (NL)

In Artist of the Month, jazz on May 30, 2013 at 10:16 am

Dear friends,

It’s my pleasure to let you discover a Dutch trumpet player: Andre Heuvelman.

He has a real sensibility and explore life through his breath. Being young, André wanted to be normal, not handicapped by his shorter left arm. He wanted to play the trumpet, but doctors told him he should wear a brace to support the heavy instrument. “No way!”, he said, he wanted to be normal. Instead he went wind-surfing, making his arm so strong he could do without the brace. Windsurfing made him the great musician he now is, simply by not being afraid of the water and the wind.

But I don’t want to present him has a handicapped but as a GREAT musician. That’s why I’m very happy to let you listen to his story (from the beginning until mn 4) but above all to his art from mn 4 to the end of this video.


Blue Flamingo Jazz Festival (Belgium): 10×2 tickets to win !

In Festivals, jazz on May 30, 2013 at 9:28 am

Dear friends,

The Blue Flamingo Jazz Festival in Brussels (Belgium) liked our past collaborations and offers you 10×2 tickets for the coming dates !

This festival takes place in Brussels (Belgium) in the Castle Karreveld at 20 h.

Each participant can win 2 tickets between these two dates :

Friday   0 7   June  2 0 1 3  –  2 0 h

Marco Locurcio Quartet

Marco Locurcio (g)
Nicolas Kummert (sax)
Nicolas Thys (b)
Lieven Venken (drum)
invitée : Anja Naucler (viol.)

Saturday   0 8   June  2 0 1 3  –  2 0 h

Evening PoW-WoW

Paolo Loveri (g)
Bruno Castellucci (drum)

Internationales stars :
Marco Sannini (tr)
Tonino Desensi (b)

Do you want to win ? Answer the following question and send an email to !

What is a pow-wow ?

An animal ?

A cultural festival ?

A wow effect ?

Good luck and Enjoy !


For your information :

Brussels Jazz Marathon -Free concerts (24-26 May 2013)

In Festivals, jazz on May 15, 2013 at 12:56 pm

We invite you to a weekend under the sign of JAZZ in the capital of Europe!

Rendez-vous at Grand Place, the Sablon Square, the St-Catherine Square and F. Cock Square to enjoy the 4 outdoor stages, generously complemented – until the early hours – with concerts at dozens of clubs and bars.

Jazz, blues, funk, World: take your choice! There are all sorts of sounds and vibes for even the most discerning tastes.

Add FREE admission for everyone, a special matinee for kids, free up- and downtown shuttles and a swinging, friendly atmosphere all over the city…

Enjoy !



Breaking news : album release of Sarah Letor on May 13th 2013 and private showcase on May 17th 2013 !!

In Artist of the Month, jazz, Jazz Singers of the month on May 4, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Dear friends,

If some jazz tunes/songs are simply perfect, I have to share them with you ! I have had the pleasure to see a concert of Sarah Letor, what a revelation ! This Belgian artist proposes us plenty of jazz songs in different styles. Two of them are “Again” and “Sitting on the white cloud”. These little precious songs should certainly become the next jazz standards and should be an excellent music for a fragrance or be used for marketing. Beside both of them, you can find the bluesy/soul “Your home” or  a New Orleans style with “Whenever”.

This second album is an incredible source of inspiration. Sarah looks like a Betty Boop, big smile, generous, happy and hard worker.

Listen and enjoy !