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Best Jazz Clubs Blog: More than 10 000 THANKS !

In Few written notes on February 17, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Dear friends,

It my pleasure to thank you for your visits on my blog. More than 10 000 views, that’s GREAT ! That also means that you are looking for quality, for sustainable jazz and for warm atmospheres ! You know that these points are my criteria to add a new jazz club on the lists. In my opinion, NOT paying jazz musicians or vocalists is a nonsense ! They are the essence of jazz clubs, they prove they studied and trained hard to offer the best of themselves ! Felling like home in a jazz club, we all have already had such an experience of being soooo well listening to a fantastic program !

BUT (because there is always a but) some countries are not in our lists ! Do not hesitate to give your feedback from jazz clubs discovered during your business travels or your holidays ! Do not hesitate to promote a fantastic club which needs to be discovered ! So, people from AFRICA, let us know where you listen to jazz, people from ASIA and OCEANIA, let us enjoy the possibility of finding a great jazz place in your countries ! Your comments are so important ! I know that all around the world you are searching information about jazz clubs, I see so many nationalities looking at the blog… Don’t be afraid… Be active and share 🙂

Truly yours !