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Fall 2012: Jazz Vocalists class in New York City

In jazz on June 21, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Dear friends,

LushLives: Jazz Vocalists Wed. Oct 3 – Nov 21, 2012 

Lush Lives, an educational and performance center located in New York City where singers (professionals, amateurs, and anyone who ever had a fantasy of being a singer) can come together to learn, network, and perform in any style of contemporary music.

In a structured curriculum that includes classes, workshops, and master classes with name performers, courses on the Business of Music and using social media plus performance and recording opportunities, singers will learn in a supportive environment from active professionals in various genres of the music industry.

From technique to performance skills; sight-singing to scatting; preparing for the gig to leading the band in performance; how to get the gig to tour management and more, this is a center dedicated to singers learning and living their dream. 

USA Songwriting Competition: Deadline 31 May

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Dear Friends,

Do not hesitate to show how talented you are !

USA Songwriting Competition’s deadline is fast approaching. Winning songs will receive radio airplay in United States and Canada. Win an Overall Top Prize of over $50,000 in cash, music gear & more.

Sponsors of the 17th Annual Competition are: New Music Weekly,, Loggins Promotion, Sony, Audio-Technica, IK Multimedia, D’Addario Strings, Presonus, Acoustica, Sonoma Wireworks, Intellitouch Tuners, Acoustic CafÈ Radio Program,, Reverbnation, Broadjam, Sirius XM Radio,,, etc.
DEADLINE Enter by May 31st or earlier. Hurry, please obtain the entry form at:
Or enter online here with your MP3, Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud files:
Or via Sonicbids

USA Songwriting Competition has entry forms in more foreign languages due to the requests from songwriters and composers all over the world. We now have entry forms in languages of Japanese, Korean, Chinese (both simplified and complicated characters for China & Taiwan), Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and of course in English. Entrants can click through any of the languages from our homepage near middle right-hand side.

My best wishes !


The World's Leading International Songwriting Competition

Visit our Jazz blog and share your best addresses !

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United States, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Romania, Spain, Morocco, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Australia, Turkey, Cyprus, China, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Austria, India, Luxembourg, Russian Federation, Ireland, Republic of Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Thailand, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Jamaica, Greece, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Sweden, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, Japan, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Hungary, Denmark, Cayman Islands, Kuwait…

These are the countries from where people follow our blog ! May I ask you, dear visitor or follower, to contribute to the new adds on our lists of the Best Jazz Clubs in the World ? They can be small, hidden, well known or famous,  musicians are fantastic, well treated, the atmosphere is unforgettable… Tell us !!!  Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about this blog… Share with us your best addresses ! For those who don’t want to appear on the pages in reply, you can send me a personal message ! Click on the email message icon at the bottom of each post and I’ll will receive your impressions…

The world is not only ruled by money and crisis, it offers also beautiful moments of friendship and artistic creation. If you wish to adopt this positive attitude, welcome 🙂 !

Enjoy your day,

Céline D.

A way to find a job in Jazz

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In response to the flood of requests, Job Finders has just added a Jobs-In-Music Section, and the response has been overwhelming. Simply go to the website and enter “jobs in jazz” in the search box provided.

For example, there was this kind of announcement

 ANNOUNCEMENT OF FACULTY POSITION in University of Texas (Jazz improvisation, division of Jazz studies, College of Music)

So, do not hesitate to have a look regularly !
I wish you the best,

Event on Monday 7 May 2012 in Hyères, France

In Festivals on May 4, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Dear Friends,

Pierre Sibille and his Blues’up project are on the road. Great event next Monday in South of France !

Pierre Sibille et son collectif blues’up sont en tournée. Grand évènement à Hyères dans le sud de la France !

If you’re interested please go on the following site and enjoy 🙂

Blues up project :

Contact Pierre Sibille


New Jazz Festival in France (Sainte-Suzanne)

In Festivals on May 3, 2012 at 7:47 am

In Mayenne (near French Brittany), in one of the most beautiful medieval villages of France, a new jazz festival is born !

You can win tickets !!! (in French)

Look also for the Casting Jazz Women in 2013 : Casting

Dates : 7-9 September 2012

info :

► Friday 7 September 2012
 : jam session
18H30 : GOSPEL FOR YOU (stage la Butte verte).
20H15 : Jazz diner with “JAZZTICOTS” (swing parade ),  New-Orleans style
21H45 : ANDRÉ MANOUKIAN (stage la Butte verte).
23H15 : STEPHANE BELMONDO (Castel’s park)
01H00 : TRIO ROSENBERG (stage la Butte verte).
► Samedi 8 septembre 2012
9H00 : Instruments market, librairy, CD, DVD, vinyles in the main street ofSainte-Suzanne until 18H00.
From 10H00 to 17H00 : JAZZ ATELIERS (4 studios)
17H00 : Jam session
18H00 RACHID BAHRI (stage la Butte verte).
20H00 : DOMINIQUE FILLON (Castel’s park)
22H00 : GUY MARCHAND (stage la Butte verte).
23h45 : DAVID REINHARDT (Castel’s park)
01H45 : Late diner
► Dimanche 9 septembre 2012
10H00 : Jazz Ateliers 
15H30 : Young Jazz talents contest
16H30 : IMPRO on the stage (la butte Verte)
18H30 : Drink