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The strange sounds of Sophie Tassignon and Peter Van Huffel

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Dear friends,

For those who really like music without borders, in danger, deconstructed and recomposed to try some new sounds, please become fan of Sophie Tassignon and Peter Van Huffel. Sophie is well known for her impressive solos and improvisations that break the codes.

Their new CD “House of Mirrors” is composed by <<a myriad of tones and timbres, multiplied, fragmented, and re-sequenced like some devil’s DNA. Peter Van Huffel and Sophie Tassignon’s creations move through the nexus of centuries-old traditions and spur-of-the-moment impulse.  Within, there’s jazz, there’s the 20th century chamber music of Schoenberg and Webern, and the contrapuntal free improv of Bailey, Parker, and von Schlippenbach. The old stones in this garden speak of long-lost Eastern European folk tunes, the Weimar cabaret of Weill and Brecht, and of the tales of a forest canopy and the burrowing creatures beneath>>- Dave Wayne (Santa Fe, NM, USA)


This new CD is the result of the art of great musicians:

Sophie Tassignon (B) – voice
Peter Van Huffel (CAN) – clarinet, alto & soprano saxophones

Julie Sassoon (UK) – piano
Miles Perkin (CAN) – bass

Have a look at this link on YouTube but be prepared to hear something new :-). 

Enjoy and discover,


P.S.: If you travel and stop in Brussels on March 13, you will have the immense pleasure to listen to Sophie and her friend Suzanne singing on folk atmosphere. They will be at the Music village presenting “Folk Tassignon“.


Singer of the month : Janice Jarrett

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Best jazz clubs in the world would be nothing without artists who share their experience all over the world. This month one of our friends: Janice and her new album.

Janice Jarrett sings the music of Kenny BarronGeorge Cables & more in her December 1, 2011 release of Blues Nights & Sunshower.
Out of her library of lyrics that include compositions by Barron, Cables, Freddie Hubbard, Judd Miller, Moacir Santos, & Eddie Russ, Janice Jarrett has selected seven originals by Barron & Cables for her first CD.
Joined by an energetic cast of accompanists, Blue Nights & Sunshower includes a Rodgers & Hart standard & a beautiful bossa nova by Sting.
This is the first time Jarrett has been able to sing her own words with her own arrangements in a solo recording.

Recorded while many of the group were performing in Jarrett’s ensembles, the recording captures their easy camaraderie on typically challenging songs on her largely original set lists. Performing in the CD: guest recording artist Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn, international Classical & Jazz award winning guitarist Aliéksey Vianna, bassist Mike Levy, pianist Mike Eckroth, percussionists Dave JeffreyGil Rodriguez & Bill M. Martinez, & guests violinist Michael Fan & baritone Paul Johnson.

You can listen to her on the following site :