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Great site about jazz clubs all over the world: Jazz Clubs Worldwide

In jazz, Jazz blogs, Websites for promotion on October 11, 2012 at 8:30 am

Jazz Clubs Worldwide is a site where more than three thousand worldwide jazz clubs are listed. More than one hundred countries. Thirty eight American States. You find also some information about agents and promoters, Jazz festivals, Jazz blogs, Jazz societies, record labels, Jazz magazines and much more…

If you want to share something, you can submit information about new clubs, dates …

The purpose of this site is to present (if it’s possible) an exhaustive offer of jazz clubs worldwide. The purpose of our blog is a little bit different because it is based on the experience of our musicians and jazz fans friends. I only add on our blog the clubs which respect 3 conditions : 1- Musicians are warm welcomed, they are well paid or they get the opportunity to make an efficient network. 2- The public must feel like home and is not supposed to pay extra bills. The atmosphere has to be great as it was in the house of a great friend who invites you for a fantastic moment. 3- The program has to be of a high quality even if some musicians are young without a big experience. Music has to be made by real musicians, professional or not but who are dedicated to this art.

I’m sure that with this site, you will find some pearls! So if you live a great experience in one of these jazz clubs, tell me. If you know a jazz club which is not on the site of Jazz Clubs Worldwide, share it !

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