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Jazz Calendar: a site of great resource in Russian !

In Few written notes, jazz on March 22, 2013 at 9:13 am

Dear friends,

Amongst us, we have many people who can speak Russian and this information is mostly for them but also for all those who search a link about a jazz artist, his music, info…

There is a great site called “Jazz Calendar” and it is a mine of gold ! You can discover talented jazz musicians, vocalists, composers from all over the world. The plus is that some of the videos shared are well hidden on the web but they are here, thanks to a team of jazz fans/researchers/collectors who work daily for our pleasure.

It is with pure joy that I share this link with you and I’m sure you will enjoy it !

To end this post I would like to add that the one who manage this site is Zhenia Gimer, a talented jazz pianist who played with the best !