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The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

In Few written notes, jazz, Jazz Clubs on April 22, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Dear friends,

Imagine you have a moment just for you, some precious hours to do what you want. Imagine that a place offers you the possibility to discover History and Music. Imagine you have the possibility to discover over 100 hours of the greatest jazz ever played  being discovered for the first time after 60 years.

Then go to the National Jazz Museum in Harlem !

The fourth-floor space on East 126th Street does not look anything like a museum. Flourescent-lighted and largely bare, the room appears to be an office but for a weathered grand piano that sits in the middle of the floor and a few faded photographs that adorn the walls. But the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, one of the city’s lesser-known cultural lights, has never really been about its artifacts. It has always been about the music: the improvisational genius of Charlie Parker, the percussive piano of Thelonious Monk, the elegant stylings of Duke Ellington. The music draws some 7,500 people to the building each year for free programming like Jazz for Curious Listeners, which explores the history of jazz or Harlem Speaks, an interview series with musicians, artists, writers and community leaders.

Enjoy !