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African, South American and Asian jazz clubs

In Few written notes on October 5, 2012 at 7:29 am

Dear friends all around the world,

I see that people from Algeria, Kenya, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Honduras,… and so many other countries are looking at this blog to discover new jazz clubs. If you know some good places, hidden, small, big, well known or new ones, share your knowledge with us ! To be on the list, the jazz club you propose has first of all to respect musicians, because they are the soul of jazz, most of the time they dedicate their life to this music. Then… this jazz club, even if it’s a modest one, has to deliver a high quality of music. Last but not least, the public must feel like home.

When you indicate some venues,  I send some of my friends (spies 🙂 ) in these jazz clubs to see if the quality is there. If it’s OK, I add these new names on the lists.

It’s time to promote jazz of your country, city or jazz clubs of friends!