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Warm jazz in the cold winter: Historic Brazilian Jazz Band revisits Pixinguinha in Rio

In Band of the month on February 19, 2013 at 8:44 am

Dear friends,

Outside it’s cold, rainy, snowy… I propose to bring in your house the warmth of the sun 🙂 !

Historic Brazilian Jazz Band revisits Pixinguinha in Rio and that’s what we need !

This band  takes elements of the music of Alfredo da Rocha Viana Filho, or simply Pixinguinha, focuses on the Brazilianness, and  adapts the typical timbre for jazz atmosphere. Historic Jazz Brazilian Jazz Band combines the musicality of the African percussion of Laudir de Oliveira, the “grooves” and “slaps” thanks to the acoustic bass of Paulo Russo, the ginga battery of Paulinho Black, and the magical touch of Kiko Continentino on his keyboard.

They are not alone ! Great performers and masters in jazz collaborate with them. The historical Brazilian rhythm, the real roots and the modernity of the compositions mix musicians of all ages and they all bring the sun at home in such an intelligent way !

Enjoy !