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Take Five minutes to remember… Dave Brubeck

In Few written notes on December 6, 2012 at 8:51 am

Dear Friends,

Dave Brubeck passed away and he is still a legend ! And I’m sad and so happy at the same time. Sad because one of the greatest artists does not live anymore, another one… And happy because I loved, I still love and I will always love his compositions like the 5/4 rhythm in Take Five, a monument for all jazz musicians. His compositions were huge hits due to the exceptional quality of his knowledge in theory as well as in practice.

He invented special rhythms, on 7/4 or 13/4 … because he didn’t want a “clapping” audience on each beat, like many people did at this time :-). Great challenge !

Dave Brubeck has also made THE first jazz CD a friend offered me, 25 years ago, after that my father told me that jazz was not music, it was noise 🙂 :-)!

So my friends, Take Five minutes to remember this fabulous ‘noise’ !