Incredible Trumpet Player : Andre Heuvelman (NL)

In Artist of the Month, jazz on May 30, 2013 at 10:16 am

Dear friends,

It’s my pleasure to let you discover a Dutch trumpet player: Andre Heuvelman.

He has a real sensibility and explore life through his breath. Being young, André wanted to be normal, not handicapped by his shorter left arm. He wanted to play the trumpet, but doctors told him he should wear a brace to support the heavy instrument. “No way!”, he said, he wanted to be normal. Instead he went wind-surfing, making his arm so strong he could do without the brace. Windsurfing made him the great musician he now is, simply by not being afraid of the water and the wind.

But I don’t want to present him has a handicapped but as a GREAT musician. That’s why I’m very happy to let you listen to his story (from the beginning until mn 4) but above all to his art from mn 4 to the end of this video.



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