New jazz place in San Francisco: SFJAZZ (music AND education!)

In Jazz Clubs on February 18, 2013 at 10:55 am

Dear friend,

When an exceptional place opens the doors, I have to tell you everything :-).

San Francisco has a new jazz place since January 23 2013 with a fantastic program! For example, one of my favourite singers, Patricia Barber, will be on stage on March 3…

This new centre will present world-class artists in concert throughout the year, nurture young musicians’ development and promote music education. In the fall of 1983, SFJAZZ, then known as Jazz In The City, presented two concerts at the Herbst Theatre with a simple philosophy: offer the best of jazz music in an environment that showcases the full spectrum and artistry of the art form.  Thirty years later, the SFJAZZ Center will open just two blocks from the site of the first concerts.  The Center will be a hub of art, music, culture, and community and will take its place alongside major arts institutions.

There will be also Family Matinees which will provide a window into the exciting world of live jazz. Each one-hour matinee features live performance, audience participation, Q&A and amazing music. On March 9, they will dissecting the groove (anatomy of jazz standards).

Every season, SFJAZZ Education hosts intimate conversations with international performing artists prior to select performances.

This place seems to be so fantastic that I have to share the site on which you will find the information you need.

Go on



P.S.: I would like to thank Bill Leikam for this information


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