New Jazz Festival in Romania 3-5 August 2012!

In Festivals on June 20, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Dear Friends,

It’s my pleasure to announce you the creation of the first edition of the Roland Jazz festival, in Romania, which will take place in Sângeorz-Bai, 3-5 August 2012.

The recitals will be performed on an open air stage, in the splendid natural decor of the area named Poienita.

This event aims to gather each year a few of the most appreciated  jazz and blues musicians  in Romania and abroad  (this year USA, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Macedonia, Lithuania and Italy), to enchant the fans of these musical genres with artistic and touristic productions which we are sure will leave a lasting impression in the memory and souls of the audience. Besides the music recitals, during the day there are programmed jam sessions, workshops, alternative theater and urban art shows.

Do not miss the „christening” of the newborn event of the national, European and international jazz festivals!

Its „godfathers” will be Roland Venig – mayor of Sângeorz Ba i, Roland Szekely – festival director and Alexandru S ipa – known jazz radio hostand promoter, the presenter of this event.


  1. Here is the program !

    White Blues, Jazzy BIT, Sebastian Spanache Trio, New dimension quartet & Toni Kuhn, Rares Totu Band, Junger Ramiro Smart Band, Zan & Man, Van (Hungary), Ouizzz (Zwitserland)

  2. What a fantastic atmosphere ! Beautiful mountains, warm welcome, fantastic bands, I’m already waiting for the second edition, next year !

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