New band : Sallma’s Moles… when impro meets great art !

In Artist of the Month, jazz on May 2, 2012 at 7:19 am
May is soon ringing its spring tones and that’s when I’m inviting you
to discover a brand new group I have the pleasure to be part of: 
Sallma’s Moles

Sallma’s Moles came into existance when Ludovica Burtone (IT), Sarah Klenes (BE), Matiss Cudars (LET) and Lennart Heyndels (BE) met last year during the Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music of Banff, Canada. Those four musicians from 3 different parts of Europe get together to make their own music inspired by their different backgrounds: a mixture of jazz, folk, chanson, classical and pop music. Pour these different flavors into a musical pan where improvisation is a guest results in a joyfull “delice” for the ear. First in Belgium!

Moles-mum’s and dad’s:
Ludovica Burtone  violin
Sarah Klenes  voice
Matiss Cudars  el.guitar
Lennart Heyndels  double bass
Their nests:    
1 May at Fonograf, 20h30, Brussels (Belgium)
3 May at l’An Vert, 20h30, Liège (Belgium)
4 May at la Compilothèque, 20h30, quai des péniches 50, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
9 mai au Cercle des Voyageurs, 20h30, Brussels
  1. Beautiful ballad in which you can listen to the beautiful voice of Sarah Klenes :

    To see her in a “different” way (in red 🙂

    Enjoy !

  2. I went in the Cercle des Voyageurs in Brussels to listen to the Sallma’s Moles. One word : FAN-TAS-TIC ! Incredible sound experience which mix voice and instruments, jazz and impro, never-done sounds and sweet notes ! This is a group that we have to follow without hesitation ! We are waiting for the CD !!!!!

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